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    Sales rebound, retailers start paying out more to malls

    Several brands and restaurants have started to share a higher percentage of revenue with malls as business has rebounded almost to pre-pandemic levels with Covid numbers declining and more people getting vaccinated. This had been lowered as part of pandemic-era agreements with shopping centres as malls had to close during the lockdown and then saw…

    Salesforce Sales Cloud innovations help companies sell smarter and grow revenue faster

    The world’s top CRM platform Salesforce, has announced new features to help businesses respond to the work-from-anywhere world we now find ourselves in thanks largely to Covid-19. As face-to-face meetings continue to be replaced by virtual options, those who work in sales need a digital HQ to close deals and build high-performing sales teams. Today,…

    Business sales up 16% as returning expats increase demand

    Navigation for News Categories It's a seller's market for business sales as prices continued to go through the roof, fuelled by demand from returning expats flush with cash. Prices paid for small-to-medium-sized businesses are up due to demand. Photo: 123RF ABC Business Sales' latest quarterly report, showed the average price for general small and medium-sized…

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