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    ABAN partners TechCabal on investment pitch session at the Future of Commerce

    TechCabal’s Future of Commerce is a hybrid conference that will bring together startups, investors, banks, telecoms companies, FMCGs, policymakers, small businesses, tech enthusiasts, and everyday consumers to discuss their thoughts and predictions around all the changes coming to how we buy and sell on the continent.  The event, tagged the #FutureOfCommerce2021 will happen this Friday,…

    RaboBank partners with Coles Group to deliver sustainable finance

    This week, food and agribusiness banking specialist, RaboBank, has partnered with Coles to help deliver sustainably linked loans (SLL). Coles Group announced on Wednesday its commitment to providing 1.8 billion dollars worth of loans to grow sustainable business.  Sustainably linked loans The loans, delivered through RaboBank and others institutions, will assist business owners or startups…

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