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    Covid-19: Government to meet with companies wanting to import rapid antigen tests

    The government is bowing to pressure from business leaders who want fast acting Covid-19 tests available in workplaces. Photo: 123RF A coalition of 25 firms contacted the government on Tuesday, pleading for clearance to import 370,000 rapid antigen devices within the next week. Ministers and officials are to meet representatives from the group today with…

    Covid-19: Government subsidies more targeted in 2021

    Photo: AFP When New Zealand went into its first level 4 lockdown in March 2020, its government made the expensive decision to initiate a wage subsidy programme. The intent of the programme was to keep as many people in employment as possible as the country navigated the uncharted waters of a global pandemic without a…

    India’s government wants to monetise state-owned assets

    Or does it?IN FEBRUARY THE administration of Narendra Modi trumpeted a sweeping plan to privatise India’s corporate jewels. Past governments have made such promises with little to show for it. Yet this time investors’ ears perked up. Covid-19 had drained public coffers by crushing the private economy while piling costly burdens on the public sector.…

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